Online Poker, a new way to play Poker

Poker is a card game that brings together several players. Depending on the type or variant, a poker game can involve anywhere from two to hundreds of players. Despite the sometimes tense environment, the game has a social significance for the shuffling and familiarity it creates. But nowadays, you can participate in a poker game on the internet without moving from home. Find out here how it works.

How to play online Poker?

You don't necessarily need to move around to play poker anymore. With online poker sites, you can have a good time playing poker with your friends and have fun. You can even play with people you don't know, to discover other talents and improve your level of play. Whether you're new to the game or used to it, you can find players in your category and the level of play you need on the internet. But how do you go about it?

To play, you must first identify a site and register. Once your registration is done, you just have to create your player account. If you are on a paying site, you will be asked to provide your bank details. Please make sure to fill in the correct information for the withdrawal of your tips after the games. Whichever site you choose, there are three types of games available: Tournament, Sit&Go and Cash Game.

Nowadays it is much easier and cheaper to play poker on the internet. By playing online you become part of a larger and more diverse community of players. It's not obvious that you can browse two or three game rooms in the same evening. However, you can of course browse several poker sites in the same evening and without moving around. Not only can you then enrich your experience with others, but you can also expand your skill set. Beyond that, Online Poker is a great opportunity to make a few euros if you win games on paid sites. Not all sites are free. It is up to you to choose your site according to your needs and objectives. For beginners, this new way of playing is frankly a godsend. The different sites offer beginners effective assistance to learn quickly and well.

Find the best online poker sites

You can find a multitude of online poker sites. The ones we present here are the most popular at the moment.

Our number 1 is the Pokerstars. We put this site in first place because it is distinguished by three important things. Of the best known sites in France, Pokerstars is the only one that offers its customers a rich variety of tournaments. Not only that, it allows you to participate in several tournaments. In addition, it awards loyalty promotions to the most regular customers.

Secondly, there is Betclic. The latter is particularly known for its innovations. As of today, Betclic remains the only site that has set up Wild Twister tournaments (the fastest version) or tournaments with progressive bounty.

Bwin for its part offers players a remunerative MTT. It is also one of the best sites in terms of remuneration.

In addition to the sites, it is important to mention the Winamax mobile application. It is an application that allows the less stable players to bet and follow the game during their travels.