What are the most popular variations of poker?

Poker is a large family of card games that has been around for many years. Within this family there are several variations of the game, some of which are certainly better known than others. The rules of these variations remain basically the same, except for a few. You should try each variant to maximize your chances of winning. Learn through this article, the variations to master in order to call yourself an accomplished poker player!

Texas Hold'em

The most popular poker variant in the world is Texas Hold'em. This game has long been considered the only poker game that exists. Indeed, if you want to get into online poker, start with Texas Hold'em.

The game is very simple to play; each participant gets 2 cards hidden from everyone else. He must then create a hand of 5 (the best possible). The action is clockwise.

Then 5 community cards are put on the table, at the flop, the turn and the river. Each player has to make the best combination of 5 cards, starting from their 7.

Seven Card Stud

This variant of poker was the best known before Texas Hold'em. Today, however, many people think it is the poker of the old. It is played with 2 to 8 people, with no community cards or flop. It starts with one card face up and two cards face down.

You choose the best combination of 5 cards, once you have dealt 7 cards. Of the 7 cards, 4 are face down and 3 are face up.

Seven Card Stud is played as a limit game. The main thing is to pay attention to the cards of the other players and not to neglect the odds. It takes experience to play it.


Once you know the rules of Texas Hold'em and Seven Card Stud, mastering Omaha means you're ready for some pretty big chip variations.

To play Omaha, players each have 4 cards face down and can only use two of their hand. For example, it is worthless when you have 2222 in the face-down cards you own.

This variant is played in a pot-limit or limit format. The best known variations are Omaha 8-or-Better or Omaha High. The latter is similar to Texas Hold'em, bringing together players who want to have the pot with a perfect high hand.

Omaha 8-or-Better splits the pot between the best low hand and the best high hand. When you qualify for the low hand, it means you have five different cards that are 8 or less. In this variant, position is very important.

The 2-7 Triple Draw

The object of the game is to make the lowest possible hand of 5 cards, with 3 exchanges of cards and 4 betting rounds. In a new round, players choose which cards from 0 and 5 to discard. The dealer shares the replacement cards. Both play low and aces play high. Straights and flushes are against you. Your best hand is 23,457 excluding straight flushes.